St Peter's SUNDAY Services

This is the usual pattern but please look on Parish Diary as the pattern can change on special occasions.

Formal morning Worship          9.00 am

This service uses a service book and more traditional organ led hymns. There is no specific provision for children but all are welcome.

Coffee / Tea                           10.00 am - 10.35 am

Please stay for coffee or come early and join us for coffee and tea between the two services. 

Informal Morning Worship     10.45 am

This service is often led by a worship band and is more interactive with multi-media delivery. Children's activities for baby-14+ years are provided separately or included in the monthly all together worship services.


Usual service pattern

1st Sunday             9-00 am     Formal Morning Worship  

                                  10-00 am - 10.35 am   Coffee / Tea

                                  10-45 am    Morning Worship (with baptism)

2nd Sunday            9-00 am    Formal Holy Communion

                                  10-00 am - 10.35 am   Coffee / Tea

                                  10-45 am    Informal Morning Worship (with Thanksgiving for the birth of a child)

3rd  Sunday            9-00 am    Formal Morning Worship

                                   10-00 am - 10.35 am   Coffee / Tea

                                   10-45 am    Informal Holy Communion

4th  Sunday            9-00 am    Formal Holy Communion

                                   10-00 am - 10.35 am   Coffee / Tea            

                                   10-45 am    All Together Worship