Walking with Jesus Lent 2020

A five-stage journey for Lent


We will walk with Jesus as he moves about Jerusalem, teaching, healing, turning the world upside-down. Giving himself over to humanity’s humiliation and allowing the God who is Love to recreate in mysterious and wonderful ways. We will discover that there is no new life without death.

We will meet some of the characters and seek to put ourselves in their sandals. We will be carried along with the crowds and weep at the foot of the cross. But all the time we will faithfully walk with Jesus as he, always and faithfully, walks with us.

We will also, as part of each event we witness, use a THEO-DO-LITE. This will be based on the 5 Marks of Mission and will give us a simple (LITE) angle on us as the gospel (DO THEOS — doing God's stuff) in our community.

Here you can download the discovery materials:

Pilgrim Guide -- the rough orientation for the traveller.

The events we will witness are

  1. Jesus in Jerusalem
  2. Into the Temple
  3. Betrayal and Arrest
  4. Trial
  5. To the Cross

Our aim is to discover rather than to study.

Why might I want to take part?

Here are some way-marks and tools to help navigate what can be seen as a complex set of bible texts.  The Bible is not a text-book: we don’t have to understand it all before the Holy Spirit can be effective: it is rather, a series of encounters with the Living God.

Scripture does not demand a mental assent to a set of propositions; rather it calls to be lived, experienced, responded to and reflected upon.