Children and Young People

Latest news (29th April 2021) Hooray!
The children’s activities will be returning to church from May 9th!
We will be seating children 2 metres apart .. they will need to bring own pens scissors etc .. session will only be 30 mins and 4-14 years welcome
.. we would need to know in the week leading up to the Sunday who is thinking of attending to keep eye on numbers .

A huge thank you to everyone who has continued to keep coming to our virtual Sunday club over the past year and learning about God and supporting us.

St P Virtual Sunday Club logo       

In these difficult times when we cannot meet up in person, we have been trying to run occasional Sunday Club sessions on zoom. We all enjoy singing along safely together and chatting and just learning more about God!

If you wish to join in with any of these sessions with your child, message the Parish Office at St Peter's who will put you in touch with the Sunday Club Coordinator, Jo.

Some weeks instead of Zoom, we will be providing children’s activities, songs, prayers virtually, as part of our Virtual Sunday Club. You will be able to find the links here on this page.

Welcome to St Peter’s Zoom Sunday Club with Sue Allen on 7th February

While our adults are attending either live church services or connecting to the online version, our children are busy joining in praise, prayer and activities at 10.00 every Sunday via Zoom. On Sunday 7 February we were, like you, thinking about Mark Ch1 v 29-39 where Jesus heals Simon’s mother-in-law, goes out to meet people in the town and also takes time for private prayer. We talked about healing and prioritisation of jobs (we do big words at Sunday Club!) – what should we do first and what can we leave until later. We healed lots of cuddly toys with broken arms and legs, tummy aches, even a mysterious ear injury and we managed to make them all better. Some of us even had the right outfit and got quite technical.

SC 7.2.21 7 SC 7.2.21 2

There was colouring to do and dots to join and also some serious thinking about how Jesus might have prioritised his jobs – we liked how he healed the sick lady first.

SC 7.2.21 3 SC 7.2.21 4 SC 7.2.21 5 SC 7.2.21 6

SC 7.2.21 7

One important list we made was this one where we imagined how Jesus would prioritise all the jobs he had to do. As we left, we agreed to think about what list we would give to Jesus if he came to Belper tomorrow – what would be the most important things he should do? I wonder what you think should be on the list?

We pack a lot into our 30 minutes and have some serious fun. (You can find more about the work of Sunday Club in Jo Gotheridge’s article in the 2020 parish annual report to be published soon).

Live Sunday Club zoom : Sunday 29th November

We met together virtually to explore light in the darkness and sang ‘My Lighthouse’, explored what makes us sad (in the darkness) and then illuminated our rooms with light-filled hope!

We also wrote a beautiful poem/ prayer which we was based on the words LIGHT HOPE. We hope it will bring you hope also.

Zoom SC 29.11.20 zoom SC 2 29.11.20

Stars for Advent

The children of Sunday club have been busy working on stars that will adorn St Peter’s churchyard during Advent.

Sunday Club 22.11.20 6 Sunday Club 22.11.20 4 Sunday Club 22.11.20 5
Sunday Club 22.11.20 3 Sunday Club 22.11.20 2

We would love to see what you do to learn about God in your own homes, any pictures of what you do can be emailed to the parish office. Click here to email.

 Here are some of our activities through the first lockdown… 


                      Sunday Club dove 28.8.20   Sunday Club pic 2 28.8.20   Sunday Club pic 3 28.8.20

In usual times

 All ages are catered for through:  

        Cafe Church at 10.45 am!

        4th Sunday of every month!

        All ages in one space!

In our services:

Relax!! God put the wiggle in children, don’t feel you have to suppress those wiggles in God’s house.

·        Consider sitting near the front where it is easier for your children to see

·        Quietly explain what’s going on in the different parts of the service

·        Sing the hymns, pray and voice the responses: children learn by mimicking you

·        If you need to take your wriggler out of church for any reason feel free to do so but do come back if you can

·        We have toy bags for small children, do ask for one


Little Church   

Sunday Club logo

Come and join in the fun! 

Singing songs, playing games and learning about Jesus in new and creative ways!

Pre-school aged.          

Wednesdays at 1.15 pm, term time only.



Young People's Fellowship              YPF

                            YPF! Come and have some fun or come and chillax!

                                                      We play games, go on trips, eat tuck, have sleepovers and talk about God!

                                                                                     Fridays at 7.00 pm. Term time only.


Sunday Club

Sunday Club logo

We are a lovely, friendly team of leaders and helpers who provide a range of activities to suit all children and are always happy to see both familiar and new faces. Children of any age (up to 11) are catered for and we all stay together to learn about God through prayer, songs, and many different fun activities. We use 'Roots' from Scripture Union as our basis and this means that the adults in church will be learning about the same things as us in Sunday Club. Lots to talk about over Sunday lunch!

If your child is 11+, they will join Rapids , again following the 'Roots' programme.

Hope to see you at St Peter's very soon!

                                                                     Sundays at 10.45 am.


When there is no specific Sunday Club,  there are toys and games available in the crèche area at the back of church but parental supervision is needed at these times.

All our Children’s and Young people’s workers are fully BS checked.

Our Children and Youth Policy can be found by clicking here.