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Craft for Charity - 

Meet in the church vestry on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 2pm. 

From May 2022 'Three in One' Parish Magazine

Operation Orphan

On the 10th March St Mark’s Craft Group went to Operation Orphan’s Headquarters at Attenborough.

The war in Ukraine was underway.

Three million refugees had escaped to Poland and over-flowed into Moldova where Operation Orphan have another office.  Moldova is poverty stricken country.  There are a lot of social problems made more difficult by the Refugee Crisis. Staff from Attenborough are out in Moldova, including a nurse working with traumatised children. 

The remaining Staff member, the operations director Kathryn explained to our group the needs they were trying to meet and what was happening with St Mark’s donations.

Lorries were leaving for Moldova and had the St Mark’s gifts of children’s clothing, etc. on board.

If you can help please give toiletries, children’s clothes or cash 

Please contact Yvonne 01773 826123 for any further details or help.

30.11.21     St Mark’s has a busy Craft Group. They meet in the church vestry on the second Thursday of every month at 2pm. 

For their present project they are knitting and crocheting blankets. Baby clothes, hats and scarves are on the go too!

Craft for Charity pic Dec mag

 What is made is collected together and taken to a place in Attenborough in Nottinghamshire. This place is really special. It’s run by girls who were orphaned in childhood. 

 They run ‘Operation Orphan’. They have been trained in disaster rescue. They go to disaster areas where there is great need.  Children are often orphaned in these disasters. They support those who take responsibility and care for these orphans. The support may be with food, clothing and education. Warm blankets, hats and gloves are very welcome in these tragic situations. Craft for Charity members also make small monetary donations each time they meet to support the education needs of the victims of disaster. 

 There are great needs in this country, as well as abroad and the Orphans Charity supports where they can. ‘Craft for Charity’ is a welcome cog in the works of saving those struggling in desperate times. 

‘Craft for Charity' is proud to be part of ‘Operation Orphan’. If you would like to join them or support them you can help them make a real difference in mending broken lives.