St Peter's Parish, Belper, Derbyshire

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St Peter's 200th Birthday

200 cake

At 3.00 pm on the 30th October we had a 'bit of a do' to celebrate the laying of the foundation stone of St Peter's Church in 1822.

The church took two years to build and was consecrated as a place of worship in 1824. A bit more about the history here.

The Duke of Devonshire attended and, together with Bishop Malcom, laid our own time capsule in the stonework.

Music was provided by Derwent Brass and St John's School Choir.

The original Foundation Stone was reported as being hollowed out and some time-travel items inserted. Sadly, despite extreme efforts (including cavers going in the tunnel under the nave) we have been quite unable to locate this stone. Never-the-less, we will be creating our own time capsule to be put in the church's structure for future generations to explore.

A book on the history of St Peter's has been published and copies may be purchased for £10 (subject to availability) from the church.