19.4.22 This is a reminder that now St Peter's can not accept any more Crisp Packets for recycling or any Baby Food Pouches.

Crisp packets can be recycled at the Whitemoor Co-op. The only has a small container for their recycling so they ask that if you have a large number of Crisp packets that they are taken to the store in a bin bag. They need to be free of crisps and flat not scrunched up or wet.

Thank you to all you have used the recycling at St Peters.

We can still accept Biscuit/Cake wrappers, toothpaste tubes and medicine blister packs.

The Tetrapak recycling will be open at Cafe 28, the Market Place, Belper. When: From 10am -12:15pm on 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month. Tetrapaks should be washed and flattened (with the lids on please) to be recycled.


Any brand of empty toothpaste tube, plastic toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads.


The outer wrapping from both sweet and savoury biscuits.

Empty Medicine Blister Packs