St Peter's Parish, Belper, Derbyshire

Jesus at the centre transforming our community

St Peter’s Guides 2nd Belper

Guides is for girls ages 10-14.  We meet in Belper on Mondays evenings. We don’t usually publish time and place for safeguarding, but obviously, we let any enquirers have full details. 

We have a notice board at the back of St Peter’s Church. 

We do loads of different fun and adventurous activities e.g. boxing, archery, crafts, cooking, badge activities, pet nights and so on. We do camps and trips and we get involved in lots of local initiatives - woollen woods, youth council, CTiB, Hope for Belper etc and we have a community garden that we look after too.  

We offer a safe, welcoming girl-only space for girls and young women to try new things, help other people,  discover their passions & talents and fun with a ready-made group of friends!

We're dedicated to girls leading the way – they choose the activities, challenges and events that inspire them, and our volunteers support them to make it happen. Because girls shape and lead everything we do, we know that we're offering the best opportunities and experiences for girls today.

We're always updating and adapting our programme and resources so that they're relevant to girls today.

Contact us on or Donna 07501 024 139