St Peter's Parish, Belper, Derbyshire

Jesus at the centre transforming our community

Membership and Representation

Electoral Roll

If you would like to formally acknowledge that you are a member of our Christian community we invite you to join your chosen church's Electoral Roll. The Electoral Roll gives you voting rights at our General Meetings and permits you, should you feel called, to take a part in the management of our common life (the Parochial Church Council). Enrolling also permits an agreement about Data Protection allowing us to keep in touch with you.

To enrol we ask you to fill in this form and return it by post or by hand to the parish office post box (on the wall outside the office in St Peter's Church.


St Peter's Parish is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission. The direction of our worshipping and missional life is the joint responsibility of the vicar and the Parochial Church Council, members of which are Charity Trustees.

Go here if you would like to see the documents from our previous Annual General Meeting.

St Peter's Parish is an expression of the Church of England at a local level. The governance of the National Church is Synodical and individual church members on the Electoral Roll may agree to stand for local (deanery), diocesan or national synods.

Church Representation purpose and process is detailed here.