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                   Weddings and Blessings in St Peter's Parish

John and Catherine in doorway

 Welcome and congratulations

Shane and Geena wedding

It's great that you are thinking of getting married.

All three Churches in the Parish are available for Weddings or Blessings.

St Swithun's or St Mark's make very good venues for small ceremonies around 60 people max. St Swithun's can also be used for a reception venue for up to 60 people please enquire about cost.

There are some pictures of the churches below.

St Mark's 


interior of St Marks


St Mark's doorway



                                        St Mark's


St Swithun's


St Swithun's Interior 2

 St Swithun's interior 1


                                                                         St Swithun's exterior 


St Peter's suits larger weddings


St Peter's interior 2

Wedding displays St Peter's front door

                                    Christmas wedding

St Peter's interior 1

 We have a leaflet to explain most of the things you need to know about arranging your wedding whether here or elsewhere, including fees for 2024.  This can be downloaded here.

Before you decide on a date please look on the Church Calendar on the Parish Life page and then contact the Parish office to make sure it is still available. Even if a wedding is already booked on your chosen date we may be able to offer you an alternative venue. We do need to allow a minimum of 2 hours between weddings at the same church.

To be married in any of the Churches in the Parish you either have to live in the Parish or have a connection with the Church If you're not sure whether you have a connection please do get in touch and we will help you however we can. You will need to provide evidence documents that confirm the links. (eg parents wedding certificates or proof of residence and your birth certificate)

This is explained on our wedding booking form which can be downloaded here.  You will need to send or provide with the booking form evidence of residence for each party, e.g. a utility bill more than six months old or similar. Please return it in person to the church office or post it to the address below.

The regulations for the marriage of non-British nationals have changed. If you do not both hold a British passport it is essential that you contact us before you make any arrangements.

If either of you has been married before it may still be possible for you to be married in Church, but you will need to have a conversation with the Vicar to explore what happened during your first marriage and what you have learned from the experience. There will need to be at least two meetings with the Vicar before it will be possible to fix a wedding if that is appropriate for you. It may help you to look over some of the questions you will be discussing in advance of your first meeting. These can be seen here.

If a wedding in Church is not appropriate for you and you choose to have a civil ceremony then we would love to bless your marriage.

When we had your booking form you will be invited to a Wedding preparation morning.  This is a chance for several couples to get together and explore what Christian Marriage and the wedding service itself are all about and looks at all the practical things you need to know to help you make your wedding special to you.

The Church no longer provides the actual wedding certificate. Once you are married this needs to be collected from Ripley Registry Office:


The website below gives lots of helpful hints and tips about arranging a wedding.


Renewal of Wedding Vows


Perhaps you would like to renew your Wedding Vows on a significant occasion.

Please contact us as we love being part of these special events and helping people to celebrate.